FAQ Air Con

Due to the UAE’s hot and humid weather conditions people can spend 90% of their time indoors with their AC. Pollutants in the air can be more concentrated than outdoors, pollutants like dust, mould, damp and dirt.

These home pollutants cannot be removed by regular cleaning methods, they are also hard to reach and understand. If the home AC environment is not managed properly the germs, viruses and bacteria are spread through your home through the home AC system, leaving its occupants feeling very ill. In many cases health can be effected and trigger symptoms of asthma or chest issues, eczema, itchy or dry eyes and fatigue.

"My AC isn’t cooling!”

In majority of cases, the coil is found to be dirty. If the temperature falls down a few degrees after cleaning it was the coil effected, if not, it may require refrigerant attention.

"My AC has lost its blow"

Airflow maybe inhibited due to dirt and dust. When the blower fan has been properly cleaned airflow comes back to the unit. The fan has many small fan blades on it – when blades get a build-up of dirt they don’t work as well.

"My AC noise is annoying me"

This due to dirty filters. Filters need good regular cleaning , if this isn’t done, in the trade we call this choking, your air conditioner will struggle to operated, and that is the noise you are hearing.

"My AC rattles"

The fan maybe out of balance, a check to within the unit and the area around it will help.

"My AC smells nasty!"

Definitely your AC is in need of a real “proper” clean. The bad odor should go after a deep clean of the whole unit, drains and most importantly the coils.

Is getting an AC clean really that important?

Would you ingest a mouldy piece of food? NO… Us neither, but know that when AC’s are not clean they send out mould like spores into the home, making you and your loved ones (including pets) ill from breathing this poor quality air in. Also cleaning an AC regularly can improve the longevity of your unit. AC is the second largest investment in the home. Its also vital to us in the UAE. Don’t try to imagine being in the UAE without AC, its painful!

My air conditioner is blowing hot air instead of cool air!

Check the thermostat mode. If this doesn’t help then contact Air Rite, our technicians will take a look. We will check the gas levels or the compressor, possibly the electrics too.

How do I know what type of AC I have?

Check out our YouTube channel and social media channels for more info on this. Matt is passionate about the education of AC systems.